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At Little Drum Coffee Roastery based at Mount Maunganui we like to keep things small. This gives us the flexibility to have time to enjoy the craft of roasting coffee, the art & the science which goes into every batch.
— Charlie Self, Owner

When it comes to roasting coffee, quality control is half the fun

Using international cup tasting protocols means we assess coffee Just like the big boys.

Coffee can offer a wide range of flavours and Characteristics, we want to Showcase this. Keeping our blends seasonal Means we can adapt to the ever changing seasons.

Coffee beans for espresso are always on offer, but what we really like promoting is beans for brewing. Whether you're using the humble french press or truly geeking out with the latest pour-over methodology, our beans will enitice. filter roasts always hold a place close to our hearts. This is how most of the coffee is consumed in our work place, the quick go-to with depth of flavour.

Sourcing high grade coffee beans to deliver to the market. is an adventure on its own, so Join us to see what this world has to offer.


Want to learn more about the coffee industry?
Sharing the love is what it is all about. So walk into the Roastery for a chat or get booked in for some barista training.

cup tasting

If you're after an experience, then come in for a cup tasting session. Doesn't matter if you're on your own or want to come as a group, a table can be arranged.

What is cup tasting?

Think of going on a brewery tour and then having A chance to sample what is made on site, that is what a cup tasting session at Little Drum coffee is like. Sounds like a bit of you? Get in contact to see what Little Drum has to offer. whether you want to inspire front of house staff in your Cafe to have a wider range of understanding About Coffee, or just want to treat the Coffee geek in your family, we can deliver.

wholesale Accounts – Creating A product to be proud of is only half the story. The rest is about being involved with other people who are passionate about the craft of service, and being proud of using a locally roasted Coffee.
— Little Drum coffee is not about national domination, keeping it boutique and local. Which creates time to spend with wholesale accounts and focus on barista training. As an operator, having the resource to create Staff which have respect for the industry and the product can give you an edge over competition. if customers can trust, then they will be inclined to Spend more time at your establishment. helping you increase your coffee sales, will in turn help you grow your business. little drum coffee has got your back.


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